Class Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday:

6:30pm Belly Dance with Denise (Level1)
7:30pm Belly Dance with Denise (Levels 2-3)
8:30pm Belly Dance with Denise (Levels 4 & 5 w/Props)


12:00 pm Belly Dance with Denise (Level 1)
6:30 pm Belly Dance with Denise (Level 1)
7:30 pm Belly Dance with Denise (Levels 2 & 3)
8:30 pm Belly Dance with Denise (Levels 3 & 4)


11:30 am Belly Dance with Denise (Levels 0 & 1)

Class Rates

Single Class: $15
Class Card: 4 classes (you save $10) $50.
Class Card: 10 classes (you save $50) $100.
Class Card: 25 classes (you save $175) $200.


At the End of each Program we do Evaluations, issue Certificates, and do a full Student show case program.

Please, contact at (818)297-8575 to reserve your space Private Classes and Studio Rentals are also available.

inside of the studio

Sign up for the best possible learning environment where you will feel supported, guided, and treated with the respect that you deserve!

Working with Raqs Sharqui lessons gives you a sense of center and balance which allows the isolation of individual muscle groups...
Toning and resistance exercises for the belly, torso, arms, butt and thighs help to sculp muscles and elongate the body...
You will have fun while getting into shape in a comfortable, personal atmosphere...
When we express ourselves on stage, we expose our souls...
I can’t emphasize enough the importance of human values in my classes Denise
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Our Mission

Provide an enriched environment where adults can learn about Middle Eastern culture, and practice some of its art forms and traditions.
-Introduce the student to the fundamental principles of the ancient Raqs Sharqui.
-Students will master the art of different Arabic moving Styles through postural work.
-Students will learn to recognize te distinct rythms and interpretate them through movement.
-Ideally, by the end of each course, students will have learned enough about Raqs Sharqui to be able to introduce others to this unique combination of music, art and tradition.


Historical Research
Folkloric Presentations
Trainning For Folkloric Presentations
“Raqs Sharqui” Lessons (Belly Dance)
Events and Meetings.
Receptions and Cultural Activities.
Merchandise available for purchase.

Merchandise Bazaar:

Students and Raqs Sharqui professionals will find here many of the items they need: 

CDs, DVDs - Scarves - Costumes
Veils - Zills - Canes - Jewelry - Etc.

Director and Activities Coordinator:
Denise Arias